And We’re Live! Street + Garden’s New Website

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We have a brand-new website and here you will find an overview of its many wonderful features, and what’s to come.

To coincide with the launch of our new website, we’ve written this blog post as an overview, a how-to guide of sorts.

This is just the beginning, and we’re so excited to share with you the future of Street + Garden.

A Brand New Website to Empower Our Collaborators

Street + Garden is proud to launch our brand new website and offer a new level of ease and functionality to our collaborators.

We specifically designed the new-look S+G website for you, to combat an industry rife with CAD files, specifications and product codes, to make life just a little bit easier.

We think of our new website as a tool, a library of information to support your projects and optimise your workflow. With all-new features, more downloads, easier navigation and customer support, 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the key features of the new Street + Garden website:



The Wishlist feature is a great tool during the planning phase of a project. Any of the urban products you see on our website can be incorporated into your project or custom-designed to suit your needs.

If you need more time to discuss with your team, or simply want to think on it, save the item to your Wishlist so you can revisit it at a later time.

The Wishlist can also function as a great tool of communication, opening a line of dialogue between your team and ours. 

Wishlist Portal

CAD Downloads

All of our products are available for download in CAD format. Download and drag our designs into your software for effective and realistic modelling to optimise workflow and increase your team’s productivity.


Better Navigation

In the concept development phase of our new website build, we spent a lot of time mapping a pleasurable user experience and user journey. Our new navigation ensures you reach your destination when surfing our site. Read more about our journey. Locate our products and product suites. Learn the ins and outs of our featured projects with ease.


Global Search Bar

Short on time? Don’t bother combing through our website (albeit now easy to navigate). Simply type what you’re looking for – materials, products, projects, keywords – into the search bar and let the website find it for you!


More Product Information

To assist with your project product selection, we’ve made available everything you’d possibly need to make an informed decision. As well as CAD files, you will now be able to locate suite brochures and specification sheets, and options for size and weight variations, materials, finishes, accessories, installation and protective coatings.


The Journal

Be the first to know what’s happening on the Street + Garden Journal. Find new features, more downloads, and most importantly, a celebration of our design collaborations. The Journal (and the new website) really hone in on the essence and creative rationale behind each of our collaborative projects, revealing the narrative and showcasing photographic documentation.

Product Downloads - Twig
Global Search Bar
Product Options - Twig

What’s to Come on the Journal

As Street + Garden enters its 30th anniversary year, we’re more excited than ever to share our new projects, product launches and much, much more.

Stay tuned for our forthcoming Web Tutorials, providing educational videos on how to get the most out of our new website.

From using our Wishlist portal to retrieving Quotes, our website will make all the difference in project and product planning.