An Array of Forward Thinking Furniture

Client - Lend Lease
Designer - Surya Graf + David Shaw
Year - 2013


Originally designed for the Yarrabilba residential development by Lend Lease, in the Gold Coast hinterland, the initial brief for the ‘Array’ suite called for a range of furniture items that were cohesive with the project branding and the contemporary architecture on site, while also making a direct reference to the natural surrounding landscape.


After a number of design iterations, including a range of cast aluminium elements, the final design solution utilises folded sheet metal and hardwood timber. Motivated by longevity and ease of maintenance, and building on existing experience of these production methods, the design takes into consideration the environmental impact and aims to reduce the amount material used wherever possible. These efficiencies in material use also create an economical benefit and translate to the end cost of the product.


Manufactured from powder coated mild steel and hardwood timber, the designs are visually lightweight yet robust enough to cope with the many rigours of the urban environment. While developed as a custom solution, the final result is as cost effective as many off the shelf items, and can be adapted where required. This extensive suite includes variety of seating elements and table settings.