A Floral Affair

Toowoomba – CBD
Client - Toowoomba CBD
Designer - David Shaw
Year - 1994


In 1995 S+G were invited to develop a signature suite of Street Furniture items for Toowoomba’s CBD.
The City perched high on the Great dividing Range is a hub for the outlying rural communities.
The built form of the CBD has both traditional and a variety of architectural styles that have been combined over its years of development.
A key feature of the City is its annual  “Carnival of Flowers” festival.



As the predominant built form was more from the colonial era, traditional Cast metal technology was adopted to best express the various iconic features and shapes synonymous with Toowoomba.
The items required included large and smaller light poles, Park Benches, bollards, Bins, Tree Grates and Guards, Signage posts, Bus shelters, all carrying a similar theme.
The bollards became the basis of the ideas for the suite, somewhat traditional in shape viewed side on but as you move around the bollard it transforms and presents as tree buttress forms, a reference to large trees planted on boulevards by the early settlers of the area.
Viewed from above the bollard represents the shape of flowers.
They also became the base for light poles, illuminated bollards.  Parking meters were incorporated into the Design of the bollards.
Lines representing the great dividing range and cast in shapes of flowers based on the city logo are featured.
Other items followed on in the same theme based on the bollard shapes and detailing.



In various colour combinations, the suite is featured at many of the cities other special locations such as picnic point, with the furniture still in situ within the Toowoomba CBD.
The Designs have remained relevant as the City centre inevitably evolves.
A testament to the connection between the ideas and place so that they just fit in and become an integral part of that community space.