Going Green for Gold

Sydney Olympic Park
Client - Sydney Olympic Park
Designer - David Shaw
Year - 1999


A competition to become suppliers to the Sydney 2000 Olympics was something everyone wanted to be involved within 1999. A task to design and supply several key seating components for the Olympics main site and venues with a 10 day deadline had Street + Garden the only supplier in the country able to achieve this target. An established palette of materials and shapes was the starting point for the design ideas, along with details such as graphic elements being also used for inspiration.



The principles of a green olympics was the basis for materials selection, with recycled Timber and aluminium key structural components. Key shapes adopted came from I beam sections which predominated the form of other site items such as Light Poles.



The main opportunity was to be part of this extraordinary event, with some 3000 items being supplied before, during and after the event as Olympic Park and stadium took on a second life as a major venue for events and the people of Sydney. Further refinement of the Park Bench Seats, Platform Seats, and picnic settings have become our Olympic Range and continue to be a popular addition to our standard collection.