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Scribbly Gum Park

Client - Anembo Consultants / Pelican Waters

Design - Forrest Gillham, 2015



Street + Garden worked together with Anembo Consultants to deliver a specialised custom suite of furniture and structures for Scribbly Gum Park at Pelican Waters, Caloundra QLD. Members of the Pelican Waters master planned community can now enjoy this all-ages, all-abilities park furnished with custom seating, picnic table and bar settings, shelters. These were complemented by other urban elements including custom entry park sign, information sign, bicycle racks, barbecues, rubbish bins, and Street + Garden's recently released the Flight water station with equal access drinking fountain, water bottle refill, dog dish, and service tap.



The coastal location of the project called for premium finishes with high durability and low maintenance. Street+Garden were able to design and deliver a solution to meet these requirements with all products being manufactured locally. All furniture is compliant with the Sunshine Coast Open Space Landscape Infrastructure Manual (LIM), which is an an award winning procurement guideline with a focus on equal access and durability.



The overarching rural/coastal theme of the design is evident in the Scribbly Gum motif, taking cues from local flora and the robust “industrial” sizing of timber slats and framing sections, giving a weighty appearance. The organic nature of the 'twisting spline' frame is explored in various forms and repeated throughout the full suite of furniture and shelters. This was done intentionally to create a unique and interesting public space that visually 'shifts' in a dynamic way as the users engage with and move through the park. Due to the overwhelming success of the design Street + Garden are delivering future stages for this project.