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Reserve Park

Client - Logan City Council

Design - Surya Graf & Forrest Gillham, 2015



Reserve Park forms part of the Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project, which has a vision for a vibrant, green corridor bringing people and nature together, inspiring healthy living and creativity. The colour Yellow was specifically selected to give tangible and visible form as the embodiment of the project’s vision. Yellow is the colour of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.



The general design principle for the project involves concrete base modules in combination with steel capping elements. These can be used individually and with one another to create a variety of configurations that encourage exploration and play. In direct reference to the nature of the site, the design includes some components that feature the steel draping across the concrete modules. This effect has also been applied to a variety of seating types, as well as signage and wayfinding elements, shade structures, and picnic settings.



Street and Garden were invited, through a tender process, to collaborate with the community to showcase local artwork, celebrate the area's history, engage with schools and industry alike to provide a space that is personalised by the residents of Slacks Creek in the Reserve Park area. This relationship is integral to the ever changing face of the project ensuring a public space that is both ‘of its time and timeless’.