Great on Paper and in Person

Petrie Mill – The Arbour Path
Client - Archipelago
Designer - Forrest Gillham, Liam Gillham + Surya Graf
Year - 2020


The Mill is the former Paper Mill in Petrie, Queensland. Taking into consideration the area’s rich history, the suite of street furniture was selected and customised to compliment the history of the site’s former use and its surrounding landscapes.



Comfortable and engaging connectivity through the open green space between the two main site anchors of USC and the Petrie Train Station, was paramount to populating and activating the space. The design requirements considered including a sculptural covered way of alternate interesting scale and form connection whose form and function encourage use. LED downlights were concealed at the apex of the arbour structures to create an illuminated linear pathway, which provided visual interest and safety of an evening.



Street + Garden formed an integral part of a larger team to deliver the project, which was led by Archipelago. Street + Garden’s involvement included rapid development of the design concept of the arbours, moving quickly into production to meet the short project timeline and to be ready for the opening of the USC Campus. Street + Garden furniture elements were also integrated into the path to encourage recreational use of the area.