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Park Avenue

Client - Coffs Harbour City Council

Design - Surya Graf, 2015



Originally designed for a project in the Coffs Harbour CBD, the initial brief for the 'Segment' suite called for a range of seating elements that would be a strong sculptural statement while also encouraging communal use. The preferred material palette was concrete, with the application of colours as an emphasis to the forms and integration with the overall project palette.


Material selection for this range was critical. Given the nature of the design it has been manufactured using a GRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete), which is produced as a hollow section. This has many advantages in terms of the potential forms achievable, overall weight (for freight and installation), thermal mass, and colour application. Street & Garden worked in close collaboration with local manufactures to ensure quality management at all stages.


All of the elements can be used individually or in combination, and due to the modular nature of the design the number of potential configurations of the 'Segment' series is quite extensive. This make the design very adaptable to the specific needs of any project. The nature of the material also allows for a variety of colour and surface treatments.