Elegance Along the Lakeside

Paradise Lakes
Client - Urbis
Designer - Charles Wentworth + David Shaw
Year - 2021


Blending sculptural art and design, this bold Entry Feature was created for Uniland’s newest development, Paradise Lakes Estate. Working closely with Urbis, the team at Street+Garden were tasked with conceptualising a standalone object that encapsulated the evolving Paradise Lakes brand identity through the use of specialised materials and finishes.



With a heavy focus on lakeside living throughout the estate, special consideration was given to how this could be incorporated into the visual language of the design. Waved, sheet metal forms and a graded colour scheme were implemented to subtly reference the wetland nature of the development. To strengthen the connection, the brand’s motif was laser cut in varying sizes to further emphasize visual movement.



Creating a notable landmark was a key driving force behind the development of this design. In order to achieve the desired impact, metallic gold flakes were incorporated into the automotive paint finish which is only further accentuated after dark as the structure is illuminated from within the hollow framework and surrounding point lights. It was an opportunity to push the envelope and design a unique, sculptural object that captures the imagination of onlookers.