Look What the Tide Washed In

Client - Shoalhaven city council
Designer - Miranda Lockhart + David Shaw
Year - 2005


Mollymook is a picturesque coastal beachside location in Southern NSW. Our client wanted a design solution that was immediately recognizable as relating to what is a fun place for families to safely enjoy. There is enough space close to the beach for picnic shelters housing picnic settings along with park bench seating to be installed, places to take a rest and enjoy the views.



This beachside location presented the usual challenges that are part of these corrosive environments so we needed to select appropriate materials that can withstand prolonged exposure in these conditions. In this instance galvanized steel with additional zinc-rich primers applied prior to a finished colour was chosen. Because there is a lot of sand movement ( blown sand ) designs considered ease of cleaning so seating elements have a minimal footprint, with the focus on visual elements in the treatment of the backrests with the same detailing being also applied to detailing of waste receptacles and picnic settings. These show an idea based around lines left in the sand when tides retreat, the pattern also leaving interesting shadow effects.



A particular opportunity to include back to back seating where both sides and ends become comfortable resting places were able to be incorporated into these designs.