Injecting Energy into the Sunshine Coast

Maroochydore CBD
Client - Tract + Vee Design
Designer - Surya Graf
Year - 2019


In collaboration with landscape architects Tract and Vee Design, Street + Garden was engaged to develop a number of elements for the Maroochydore CBD. The general brief was to create a sophisticated, elegant and timeless furniture suite that was complementary to the project vision for the new city as a vibrant hub for community and business activity.

Given the coastal location, the selection of a robust and minimal material palette of stainless steel, concrete and timber was chosen to suit these conditions. The suite required for there to be limited maintenance, with the design forms adaptable enough to be applied to future product types over time.



The furniture suite initially included a range of Bench Seating, Bike Racks, Drinking Fountains and Tree Grates, with the option to further apply these core principles to other custom elements as the city continues to progress. The key use of these items in the initial stage are formats which encourage social and community engagement. The overall vision for the project from Sunshine Coast City Council and Maroochydore City was to develop the site as a focal point for commerce, technology, innovation, entertainment and inner-city living. The impact of the landscape architecture and furniture design within this context will assist in realising this vision, and will also hopefully have a major impact on the social and economic benefits to the city.