Wandering Free Within Kingston

Kingston Butter Factory
Client - Logan City Council
Designer - Liam Gillham + Charles Wentworth + Forrest Gillham + David Shaw
Year - 2021


Following on from the shelters developed for the previous project at Logan Gardens Water Park, Street + Garden were engaged by Logan City Council to assist in transforming the historic Kingston Butter Factory into a landmark cultural precinct.



The key consideration was to create a playful space adjacent to the cafe situated in the old worker’s cottage on the grounds of the Kingston Butter Factory. The life-size plaza artwork titled ‘Wander Free’ by local indigenous artist Sally Terare was the focus point on which Street + Gardens shelters were designed to complement and celebrate.



This project provided the opportunity to draw from the work of Sally Terare to develop the pattern to be incorporated into the shelters. To achieve this, extensive time was spent using software to pull from the artwork provided and designing a suitable pattern that could be laser cut into sheet metal. Working together with Logan City Council and Sally to create a setting with a playful nature and highlighting the cultural history in the area for the whole community to enjoy was an opportunity Street + Garden felt privileged to be involved in.