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Forest of Memories

Client - Logan City Council

Design - Forrest Gillham, 2013



A community art project for Logan Village’s new illuminating heritage attraction. Street + Garden worked closely with Logan City Council - Parks Branch to design and manufacture an installation with ‘totems’ and plaques of historic people from the area.


The main design consideration was as a temporary installation as the the area it was to be installed at was earmarked for a future roadway. The totems were therefore designed to be disassembled and reassembled as wall light boxes, rather than freestanding totems, throughout Logan Village. This way the products that were supplied could be re-purposed rather than disposed of and would continue on beyond the temporary art installation.


Street and Garden were invited to work directly with Logan City Council to not only design and supply the products, but were involved with choosing and implementing the artistic elements used for the project. Further to this the ‘pic-pef’ style of applying a picture to sheet metal was experimented with for the first time and proved to be a good solution for both the daytime and night-time (illuminated) application.