Creating Great First Impressions

Client - Form Landscape Architects
Designer - Charles Wentworth + Forrest Gillham
Year - 2018


The Everleigh master planned community is a new development located in Greenbank, Queensland. Engaged by Form Landscape Architects, Street + Garden were tasked with the design and delivery of a custom Entry Statement that would set the tone for the community and reflect the surrounding natural landscape.


Folded from Corten Steel, each blade varies in height and is installed along a sloping foundation to create a dynamic, undulating form that leads into the community along the main drive. The suspended lettering was wet spray painted with a gloss white, to provide contrast against the aged steel and offer an easy to maintain finish. Although the feature spans nearly 100m and stands at over 4m tall at its highest point, the colossal structure was designed to be fabricated from a mere 32 unique modules. Incorporating efficiencies such as this into the design ensured the Entry Statement could be delivered both on time and budget.


After working closely with Form LA to develop the concept, Street + Garden were then offered the opportunity via tender, to produce and deliver the Entry Feature. The faceted design is accentuated as sunlight is captured, and although rigid, the snaking row of blades combine to form an organic shape that encapsulates the rises and falls of the greater area.