A Flight Down Memory Lane

Elderslie Street – Winton
Client - RPS Group + Winton Shire Council
Designer - David Shaw + Charles Wentworth
Year - 2020
Awards - 2020 SIT Furniture Design Award

Featured Products

+ Custom Shelter
+ Custom Backed Bench
+ Custom Backless Bench
+ Custom Table
+ Custom Bin Enclosure
+ Custom Bollard
+ Custom Bike Rack
+ Custom Signage
+ Custom Leaning Rail
+ Custom Public Art



Drawing inspiration from the area’s rich history, the comprehensive suite of street furniture was designed to subtly reference the unique features of Winton and its surrounding landscapes. The completely custom suite included; benches, tables, sculptural seating, bin enclosures, bollards, signage and shelters. All of which were shaped to reflect the area’s connections to the aviation industry, its prehistoric past, abundant birdlife and of course, sheep shearing.

The harsh environmental conditions aided the material and finish palette selection, while special consideration was given to the usability, durability and maintainability of each and every piece. Solid hardwood timber was combined with strategically folded steel frames to create a sturdy, long lasting product. Efficient use of material and manufacturing processes were inherently woven into the designs to ensure all items could be supplied on budget and with minimal waste production.



Street + Garden were grateful for the opportunity to help create a suite of furniture that the community are proud of and excited to call their own. The revitalisation of Elderslie Street in Winton ensures that it will continue to be a key stop for anyone travelling around Australia.