Canberra's Most Remarkable Suburb

Denman Prospect
Client - Redbox Design Group
Designer - Forrest Gillham + Redbox Design Group
Year - 2018
Awards - 2020 Good Design Award


In collaboration with Redbox Design Group, Street + Garden were engaged to develop a number of elements for the newly developed Denman Prospect suburb in Canberra, ACT. The brief was to develop a furniture concept by Redbox Design Group into a full custom suite of furniture that was unique in character and complementary to the modern styling of the precinct.


The organic forms of the furniture elements were created by combining adjacent curved panels that incrementally changed shape over the length of the bench. The rubberwood ply material selection was integral in being able to achieve these forms. The rubber wood ply, combined with other robust materials such as stainless steel and precast concrete, was featured across the entire furniture suite to create a holistic and considered solution.


Denman Prospect is promoted as being ‘Canberra’s most remarkable suburb’, and as such Redbox Design Group’s intention was to create a highly customised and unique suite of furniture that showcased the progressive architectural styling of the precinct. The end result has created a focal point in the heart of the development and contributed a major impact to the social benefits of the suburb and surrounding areas.