Developing Aerodynamic Spaces

Capital Airport Group
Client - Redbox Design Group
Designer - Forrest Gillham, Charles Wentworth + Redbox Design Group
Year - 2018


The design of the new corporate office for Capital Airport Group incorporates a staff outdoor recreational deck as a core focus of the development. Street + Garden worked closely with Redbox Design Group to develop their concept of wall mounted backless benches with a custom pattern that integrated with the surrounding architectural features and landscape.



Street + Garden was engaged to rapidly develop and produce the design in time for the opening of the corporate office. The solution took into consideration the use of universal components for efficiencies in manufacturing and ease of installation. The custom pattern provided by the client was integral to the cantilevered metal forms which create a sense of visual lightness in keeping with the aerodynamic themes.



Capital Airport Group Corporate Office is a new and welcoming open plan office with sophisticated features and a modern look and feel. The outdoor staff recreational area is a standout feature of the development and the furniture developed for the project creates a unique solution that enhances the space for all users.