Traditional Forms & High Rise Inspiration

Brisbane City Council – CBD
Client - Brisbane City Council
Designer - David Shaw + Warren Lee
Year - 1993


In 1993 Brisbane City Council offered S+G the opportunity to develop a comprehensive suite of street furniture for the CBD of Brisbane.
Traditional and contemporary built forms provide the inspiration for the ideas that became parts of the collection.
Shapes reflect the windows in high rise buildings but also reflect details in colonial buildings and details that might be recognised as part of traditional street furniture.



Working with Council Designer Warren Lee, a brief for the general shape, direction and function was created.
Traditional cast metal was decided on as the base material because it offered a reflection of traditional furniture construction.
Because of the cost of tooling and for consistency of design many components are interchangeable or have multiple functions.
So a seat leg offers articulation on a seat and a base for a bin. A bollard has its basic function but also becomes the base of a light pole.



The suite, was originally designed for the CBD of Brisbane only, however, its inherent flexibility of design and function allowed it to integrate seamlessly into many streetscapes.
As such it was adopted for use throughout the city and suburbs of Brisbane including education campuses such as the University of Queensland.
It has survived the test of time and still remains a feature of Brisbane’s built environment.