An Aura from any Perspective

Aura Display Village + Banya Crossing
Client - Urbis + Stockland
Designer - Charles Wentworth + David Shaw
Year - 2023

Featured Products

+ Custom Entry Feature
+ Custom Pebble Shelter
+ Pebble Backless Platform Bench
+ Flinders Drinking Fountain



Street+Garden were engaged by Urbis to design and supply a series of sculptural entry features that would line a newly constructed land bridge at Stockland’s Aura development. These uniquely formed blades were then also adapted to include a rainbow-like colour scheme and installed at Aura’s Display Village, along with custom umbrella shelters mounted to our Pebble Platforms.

The blades installed along Banya Avenue were finished with a two-tone paint scheme and folded in such a way that a different colour was seen depending on where they were viewed from. A gradient of colours was also selected in order to introduce an added layer of visual complexity and depth to the feature. Special consideration was given to the materials and paint specification used to ensure a long product life, with durability and ease of maintenance paramount.



There was a unique opportunity for temporary shade structures to be installed at the Aura Display Village. To avoid the need for any in-ground footings or onsite concreting, S+G developed a custom ‘umbrella’ shelter that is mounted atop our Pebble Platforms. This precast concrete platform acts as an above-ground footing, allowing the structure to be repositioned around the area as needs change.