PebbleBackless Platform Bench

Pebble embodies the organic shapes of water shaped stone to create a soft and comfortable yet highly durable seating option that sheds water. With three size options available. The pebble suite combines to create an unassuming space that blends into its surroundings.

Design - Bjorn Rust, Surya Graf, Forrest Gillham & Regan Crook



  • PBL3-1 - L750 x W625 x H450mm - 360kg Concrete / 40kg GRC
  • PBL3-2 - L1050 x W750 x H450 - 570kg Concrete / 60kg GRC
  • PBL3-3 - L1800 x W1050 x H450 - 1440kg Concrete / 100kg GRC
  • Body - Solid Precast Concrete (Standard)
  • Body - Glass Reinforced Concrete (Lightweight Concrete)
  • Body - Standard Grey (Standard)
  • Body - CCS Colour Oxide
  • Body - Wet Spray Paint
  • No Accessory Options
  • Surface Fixed (Standard)
  • Body - Graffiti Resistant Coating
  • Body - Slip Resistant Coating (Solid Concrete Only)