MarinaConcrete Backless Bench

In collaboration with landscape architects Tract and Vee Design, Street + Garden were engaged to develop a number of elements for the Maroochydore CBD. The general brief was to create a sophisticated, elegant and timeless furniture suite that was complementary to the project vision for the new city as a vibrant hub for community and business activity.



  • MARC2-1 - L500 x W425 x H400-530mm - 195kg
  • MARC2-2 - L1000 x W425 x H400-530mm- 385kg
  • MARC2-3 - L1500 x W425 x H400-530mm- 580kg
  • MARC2-4 - L2000 x W425 x H400-530mm- 770kg
  • MARC2-5 - L2500 x W425 x H400-530mm- 965kg
  • MARC2-6 - L3000 x W425 x H400-530mm- 1155kg
  • Body - Solid Precast Concrete (Standard)
  • Body - Standard Grey (Standard)
  • Body - CCS Colour Oxide
  • Body - Wet Spray Paint
  • No Accessory Options
  • Surface Fixed (Standard)
  • Sub-Surface Fixed
  • Body - Graffiti Resistant Coating
  • Body - Slip Resistant Coating