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Lakes - Table

Design - David Shaw + Surya Graf, 2006

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Motivated by longevity and ease of maintenance, the designs are a robust solution that sit comfortably within both the natural and built environment. Developed in conjunction with AECOM in 2001, the initial material palette for the suite included cast aluminium elements combined with pre-cast concrete and hardwood timber. With the advancement of available technology over the course of the project, there was a design revision completed in 2006 that allowed for greater cost efficiencies in production. Throughout this design process Street & Garden were mindful to take into consideration the environmental impact where ever possible.


Initially comprising a variety of bench seats and table settings, a number of other complementary elements and material options have since been included with the suite. With a strong and refined aesthetic, the 'Lakes' suite sits comfortably in a variety of environments, and has been used widely beyond the initial project.