Fabricated from GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete), the Gem range exemplifies Street & Garden’s new directions in concrete. With forms inspired by the facets of a cut gemstone, the main focus of the design was to increase efficiencies within the fabrication process and create a product that works on both sloping and flat ground surfaces.

Design - Forrest Gillham

Tesolating Product



  • GEM13-1 - L1000 x W1000 x H1020mm - 120kg
  • GEM13-2 - L1200 x W1200 x H675mm - 120kg
  • GEM13-3 - L1500 x W1500 x H910mm - 200kg
  • Body - Glass Reinforced Concrete (Standard)
  • Body - Standard Grey (Standard)
  • Body - CCS Colour Oxide
  • Body - Wet Spray Paint
  • No Accessory Options
  • Surface Fixed (Standard)
  • Body - Graffiti Resistant Coating