FlindersConcrete Backless Bench

More than three decades ago Townsville closed its main street to traffic and developed the Flinders Street Mall. The Flinders collection was designed to conform to the architectural features and archetypes. Great attention was placed on the number of seating components, modularity, and the way the different elements create flow and rhythm within the constraints of the sidewalk. Durability and robustness were paramount, with the design being able to withstand both natural forces and vandalism.

Design - Alexander Lotersztain


DDA Compatible


Tesolating Product


  • FLNC2-1 - L940 x W480 x H450mm - 475kg Concrete / 75kg GRC
  • FLNC2-2 - L1940 x W480 x H450mm - 985kg Concrete / 130kg GRC
  • FLNC2-3 - L1020 x W480 x H450mm - 795kg Concrete / 110kg GRC
  • FLNC2-4 - L1940 x W480 x H450mm - 1255kg Concrete / 170kg GRC
  • FLNC2-5 - L1370 x W480 x H450mm - 815kg Concrete / 120kg GRC
  • FLNC2-6 - L2570 x W480 x H450mm - 1420kg Concrete / 185kg GRC
  • Body - Solid Precast Concrete (Standard)
  • Body - Glass Reinforced Concrete (Lightweight Concrete)
  • Body - Standard Grey (Standard)
  • Body - CCS Colour Oxide
  • Body - Wet Spray Paint
  • Skate Stops
  • Surface Fixed (Standard)
  • Body - Graffiti Resistant Coating
  • Body - Slip Resistant Coating (Solid Concrete Only)