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Flight - Bin Enclosure

Design - Surya Graf, 2010

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Fabricated from powder coated mild steel, the pieces are extremely robust and have been specifically designed for longevity in urban environments. This material palette is an ideal choice for projects that require little to no maintenance over time. Building on experience of this production method, the design takes into consideration the environmental impact and aims to reduce the amount material used wherever possible. These efficiencies in material use also create an economical benefit and translate to the end cost of the product.


One of the main features of the Bench Seating within the range is the modularity of the forms. This allows for a variety of layout configurations as well as colour variation between the seat body and the backrest. This is a similar feature of the Bin Surround, which allows for a visual marker between the waste and recycling versions. With a strong and minimal aesthetic, the 'Flight' suite sits comfortably in a number of environments, and includes various Bench Seating elements, Bollards, Bicycle Racks, and Bin Surrounds.