FlightBin Enclosure

Initially designed for a project near the Brisbane International Airport, the ‘Flight’ suite was inspired by aeronautical forms and materials. A key aspect of the brief was to allow for the application of corporate colours and the ability for multiple people to use the seating at any given time. The client also wanted a design with minimal maintenance requirements.


Custom Perforations

Two Tone Colour


  • FLT5-1 - L650 x W650 x H1300mm - 45kg
  • FLT5-2 - L760 x W845 x H1420mm - 135kg
  • FLT5-2-2 - L1520 x W845 x H1420mm - 265kg
  • Body - Mild Steel (Standard)
  • Chute - Mild Steel (Standard)
  • Body - Powder Coat (Standard)
  • Chute - Powder Coat (Standard)
  • No Accessory Options
  • Surface Fixed (Standard)