BlokBacked Bench

Blok is a revolution in pedestrian safety and modular design bringing a residential format, proportion and lifestyle to an urban setting. Blok serves as an elegant solution for parks civic squares, and streetscapes as a semipermanent setting and can be easily moved using a standard forklift when required to create a dynamic use of the space in which the product is situated.

Design - Alexander Lotersztain




  • BLOK1 - L1200 x W600 x H750mm - 500kg
  • Body - Solid Precast Concrete (Standard)
  • Body - Standard Grey (Standard)
  • Body - CCS Colour Oxide
  • Body - Wet Spray Paint
  • Armrests
  • Skate Stops
  • Surface Fixed (Standard)
  • Body - Graffiti Resistant Coating
  • Body - Slip Resistant Coating