Develop Your Idea

Our team of award-winning Industrial Designers are specialists in urban design and street furniture. This expertise and complex understanding of materials and manufacturing processes allows Street + Garden to rapidly develop creative and cost effective furniture design solutions.

Our unique service provides design through to manufacture and supply. We work in collaboration with Architects and designers of all disciplines to develop creative design solutions that support and enhance their project goals. The inspiration and rationale behind each design is unique to each site and becomes an integral part of the site’s identity.

See University of Technology Sydney Case Study



A detailed review and analysis of the proposed design package will be undertaken in relation to project specific needs. In consultation with the client, particular reference will be made to: site specific requirements, functionality, ergonomics, economic viability, longevity, maintenance, material choices and manufacturability.


With the concept established by the client, the design process moves straight to development.


On approval of initial design concepts by the client, the project will be taken through to the design
development phase sufficient to allow feasibility costing / estimating. These will be developed and presented as elevation drawings, 3D model renderings, and detailed text as required.


Available on request and as required to suit the design methodology for the project. Options comprise of 3D Printed Scale Models, Part Production Mock-Ups & Testing, and Full Scale Prototypes.


Additional design iterations are available to further refine the design development if required. These will be developed and presented as elevation drawings, 3D model renderings, and detailed text as required.


On approval of final design by the client team, the project will be taken through to the construction documentation phase. This will include the development of all technical drawings and specification information relevant to the construction and manufacturing of the required designs.

On the completion of all necessary construction documentation, detailed supply costing and lead times will be provided according to specified furniture item schedules. Beyond the design and documentation stages Street + Garden will provide project management of all works undertaken from fabrication through to supply. This will include comprehensive quality assurance at all stages including ongoing meetings with the client at regular intervals to manage the project as required. Upon handover of the works Street + Garden will issue a consolidated ‘As Built’ drawing package that accurately represents the completed project works including all warranty and maintenance specifications.