Based in Brisbane, Australia, the Street & Garden studio is made up of an award winning team of industrial designers who specialise in furniture design for public spaces. This expertise and complex understanding of materials and manufacturing processes allows our team to rapidly develop creative and cost effective furniture design solutions. We work in close collaboration with architects and designers of all disciplines to develop design solutions that support and enhance their project goals.



Street + Garden prides itself on producing locally designed and made products for over 25 years. This means all our parts are cut, folded, painted, cast and assembled right here in Australia. Having these objects sourced locally ties into our mantra of shared value. As a small, local business we know how important locally sourced and produced goods are, and when we are able to compete on the speed, quality and cost of our products we create a sustainable supply chain from manufacturer to consumer.



By request, we can design for the capabilities of local fabricators and local materials. The objective of this is to maintain a strong skill base in Australia that also supports the local economy. For our clients this means we are able to design to their specific requirements with confidence and lead times less than those of off the shelf items from abroad.



An integral part of the Street & Garden ethos is to reduce the environmental impact of our products during the design phase. All of our products are designed for longevity and repairability, and we seek responsible manufacturing practices which address waste reduction and recycling. Waste from sheet metal fabrication is sold and recycled. Cast products are produced from 100% recyclable aluminium and waste material is reused on site. Timber slats are recycled on request, with timber composites from reclaimed sources used where applicable.

All products are designed for disassembly into its component materials to allow for proper waste management. Individual components are also available upon request to facilitate replacement or repair.

Street & Garden out source all fabrication to local suppliers and manufacturers who are certified and strictly adhere to Australian standard ISO 14001 for environmental management systems. In utilising local manufacturing Street & Garden are able to minimise the impacts of goods transportation, while also continually ensuring environmental practices are being maintained.



Street & Garden are committed to the design and supply of quality street furniture products. With over 25 years experience, our team has an intimate understanding of the materials and methods required to achieve robust and versatile solutions necessary for high impact environments. Each product undergoes rigorous cad design, engineering assessments and prototyping stages before being approved for final production. Each product is further covered for manufacturing defects under our warranty policy.

Street & Garden out sources all fabrication to local suppliers and manufacturers who are certified and strictly adhere to Australian standard ISO 9001 for quality management systems.