Our Philosophy


Street + Garden was conceived around the idea that street furniture could be more than simply something to sit on. That it could be a reflection of a particular place, community, its natural and built assets, history, aspirations and future that are seen to be important and synonymous with that place. In doing so, it would become part of the fabric that tells the story of that place and thus much more than the amenity that street furniture generally provides.

This sense of coherence is achieved through careful consideration and good design, a process that Street + Garden has been undertaking and refining for 25 years. In this time we have formed a strong commitment to providing an experience that is beneficial to everyone involved in the lifecycle of a product, from the process of design, to production and all the way to the end user for years down the road. Part of designing shared value is the deliberate process of designing a product taking into consideration the social, environmental and economical Impacts of the ultimate end product. This creates long lasting and sustained value well into the life of the product by creating something meaningful and relevant to the space in which it exists and to the people who are part of its lifecycle.


At the core of the design process is the consideration of factors such as site specific requirements, functionality, aesthetics and form, ergonomics, economic viability, longevity, maintenance, material choices and manufacturability.

Considering how these elements affect the social, environmental and economical Impacts of the product both short term and long term is the role of the designer - especially in the broader picture of designing shared value for the customer, those who are involved in the production of the product and the ultimate end user.


Working in partnership with Landscape Architects, Architects, and Community Representatives is a key part to achieving a successful design. Through this collaboration significant changes to the way a place is experienced can occur, adding to both the real and perceived value. Through the customer's knowledge of the location's history, culture and community, Street + Garden can aid in formulating a vision for design that compliments these elements thus helping bring your project to its full potential.


For the community, a functional and beautiful suite of furniture adds both a sense of identity to a space and a creates an enjoyable outdoor environment. Providing these benefits to people creates a desire to interact with the outdoors, aiding in the health and happiness of everyone. With a well considered layout, new opportunities for personal interactions begin to form - places to meet people, places to learn and collaborate, places to exercise and have fun with friends, family and neighbours. Good furniture, makes good spaces, makes happy people.