Warranty and Care PDF


Street and Garden Furniture Co. warrant that we will make good any manufacturing defects, provided that all due care in handling, installation and care of this item has been maintained for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. Except where performance of materials, such as timber surface finishes cannot be assured. In such cases we reserve the right to use our discretion to determine our actions and responsibility for any rectification works. We accept no liability for goods mishandled or deliberately damaged by misuse.


Coastal Installation
Rinsing of street furniture weekly in coastal environments is recommended to wash off damaging airborne salt deposits.
In these environments most metals degrade faster than in inland environments.



Most steel items use a zinc prime powder coat or hot metal spray prior to powder coating. The original glossy appearance can be maintained by polishing with a mild automotive polish. Dirt can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth. Most items can be removed and re-coated where the finish has been extensively damaged. Street + Garden offer a refurbishment service, please contact us for more details.



HDG product will be delivered bright but will tarnish with age.



This finish is very durable, but will fade if subjected to many years of direct sunlight. The original appearance can be maintained by polishing with a mild automotive polish. Dirt can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth. Most castings can be removed and repainted. We offer a refurbishment service.


Please be aware that with Twig seats and as with all new cement based products efflorescence can become visible on the surface. This will generally weather away over time, although in some cases professional cleaning may be required. With coloured Twig seats and other coloured precast concrete products there is a possibility of colour variation between units. The base colour will always be the same, but varying tones in colour can occur due to mixing of concrete and pouring at different times.


To maintain the bright appearance of stainless steel in coastal environments weekly rinsing is essential.


Timber surfaces are treated with an oil based finish as standard (839-Line Cabots Natural Decking Oil). Depending on levels of sun and water exposure it is recommended that all timber surfaces are maintained with two coats every six to 12 months. Hardwoods that are naturally dark in colour contain sap, also known as tannin. Decking oil does not seal this and with rain or watering, leaching of tannin and resulting staining of surfaces can occur. Diluted pool acid can be used to remove stains. Protective clothing should be worn and a small test of the solution should be completed first, to ensure surfaces are not damaged.

Incidence of leaching generally occurs when items are new and generally stops after exposure to initial rain events. This is a naturally occurring process and we will not accept responsibility for any damage to surfaces that are affected by this tannin. With time and regular resurfacing with oil the timber surface will oxidise and darken.

Manufacturers of clear timber finishes generally offer no specific performance warranty. Our company applies coatings in accordance with manufactures instructions. We are unable to take responsibility for the lack of longevity that is inherent with these products.